The Liquid Motion® Heels Certification is designed to give the everyday person everything they need to start dancing safely and successfully in platform heels. Dancing in heels is a skill that cannot be learned overnight, for the simple fact that it requires a different kind of strength, muscle engagement, body awareness, and flexibility that the everyday person usually does not have. Most of the pros we see nowadays are lifelong dancers who have been training their feet, ankles, legs and hips for a very long time. Well, what about the rest of us?

Liquid Motion Heels takes students through a safe, educational, and fun step-by-step progression designed to help real people start dancing safely and successfully in heels. The Liquid Motion Heels method is a highly stylized approach that follows and builds off of the Liquid Motion 1.0 Certification*. However, this information is necessary for anybody wanting to add heels to their repertoire of skills.

The Liquid Motion Heels certification is a two-day, 16-hour training. Each day will consist of learning NEW Liquid Motion moves and ideas in heels, as well as learning specific Liquid Motion vocabulary and how to apply our five fundamentals and techniques. Students will be guided through extensive movement exploration to teach them how to translate their new-found skill set and incorporate it into their current Liquid vocabulary. Lastly, we will break down conditioning exercises, strength training exercises, and flexibility exercises as they pertain to heel work. Students will learn about the effects heel work can have on their bodies, in addition to what they must do to restore and rebalance themselves once the heels come off. Students are urged to move slowly and safely through each day; this kind of new technique won’t happen overnight.

All students are required to bring at least two pairs of new 7” or 8” platform heels. A complete supply list will be sent to students before their scheduled certification.

* All participants must have successfully completed the Liquid Motion 1.0 certification training *

 *You do not need a License to register for this level. Participation in 2.0 does not affect your Licensed teaching status.

What's Included


  • Certification training : 2-day, 16-hour of training
  • A step-by-step training to dance safely & successfully in heels
  • Including new Liquid Motion® moves & ideas in heels, as well as learning specific Liquid Motion vocabulary and how to apply our five fundamentals & techniques.
  • Break down of conditioning exercises, strength training exercises, & flexibility exercises.
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Studio Phoenix Thu Sep 12 2019, 6:00pm CDTSun Sep 15 2019, 7:00pm CDT register
Polearity Sat Sep 28 2019, 10:00am BSTSun Sep 29 2019, 7:00pm BST register
Flirt Fitness Thu Oct 10 2019, 6:00pm ESTSun Oct 13 2019, 7:00pm EST register
Flaunt Fitness Sat Oct 12 2019, 9:00am CDTSun Oct 13 2019, 6:00pm CDT register
Tease Studio Sat Oct 26 2019, 10:00am MDTSun Oct 27 2019, 7:00pm MDT register
Pole Felony Thu Nov 7 2019, 6:00pm ESTSun Nov 10 2019, 7:00pm EST register
Pearl Studios Thu Nov 21 2019, 6:00pm ESTSun Nov 24 2019, 7:00pm EST register
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