The Liquid Motion® 1.0 Certification is a 3½-day training designed to provide you, the participant, the tools and opportunity to teach your very own 75-minute Liquid Motion® class. It’s open to anyone who wants to further their movement education and gain a deeper knowledge of the Liquid Motion® Method, and/or teach Liquid Motion®. Each participant who successfully completes the training will then have the opportunity to become licensed as a Liquid Motion® instructor. Once licensed, you will be able to teach the signature 75-minute Liquid Motion® class wherever and whenever you want. You do not need to own a studio or even be a current instructor. Jeni Janover, the owner and founder of Liquid Motion®, believes that everybody has the right to a life filled with movement, dance, fitness, and most importantly love of one’s self. Get Certified and really GET MOVING!

What's Included


  • Certification training : 3 ½ days consisting of 4 hours the first night and 8 hour each additional day
  • A hard copy of the Liquid Motion® Certification manual
  • Including the Liquid Motion® fundamental moves, theories, and techniques with complete descriptions
  • A “Certified” tank top (upon passing of Final Exam)
  • Ability to join our Liquid Motion® Licensed Network giving you ongoing support and tools for success.
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Further your movement education, gain a deeper knowledge of the Liquid Motion method, and turn teaching into a career.

Upcoming 1.0 Certifications

Event Location Date
Rising Goddess FItness Fri Jul 10 2020, 09:00am CDTSun Jul 12 2020, 06:00pm CDT register
Dandelion Fitness Fri Jul 17 2020, 10:00am EDTSun Jul 19 2020, 07:00pm EDT register
Knockout Bodies Fri Jul 31 2020, 10:00am CSTSun Aug 2 2020, 7:00pm CST register
Aradia Fitness Fri Aug 7 2020, 10:00am EDTSun Aug 9 2020, 07:00pm EDT register
Empowered Aerial Fitness Fri Aug 7 2020, 10:00am EDTSun Aug 9 2020, 07:00pm EDT register
The Moxy Movement Fri Aug 21 2020, 10:00am MSTSun Aug 23 2020, 07:00pm MST register
j.POWERStudio Fri Sep 11 2020, 09:00am PSTSun Sep 13 2020, 06:00pm PST register
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